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EffectiveSoft Releases Conceptmeister for Android

EffectiveSoft Releases Conceptmeister for Android

Quick and powerful text analysis is now available for the most popular platforms besides iOS.

The machine learning and computer linguistics team of EffectiveSoft leverages its expertise and years of continuous research to develop an analytical solution for mobile devices. Conceptmeister's main idea is to save users’ time in the world full of information and help them grasp the core concept of any text. Both in the situation when there is little time for reading and when the texts are written with a lot of unnecessary information, users take benefits from utilizing Conceptmeister to comprehend only the key information they need.

After the iOS app’s release we have gathered the first insight into how people use Conceptmeister, and whether they are satisfied with the functionality and usability of the app. Taking the positive feedback into account, the team was responsible to develop a version for Android too.

As a result, the app has a similar set of features, which can be found in the iOS version: text recognition, concept and facts extraction, text summarization and other useful features. In Conceptmeister users may choose a source of text data, be it a URL, a photo or a document and load it in the app.

October 31, 2017

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